Sparkling Reviews for Bones at W+M

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Ellis and Myers as Ruben and Reg, respectively.

Granted, by now this is old news, but it feels good to have wrapped up what felt like a fantastic show!

Anyway, Bones received two very positive reviews from our local student papers.  They can be found at the Dog Street Journal’s website and at that of the Flat Hat.  Many thanks to  Carrie Crow and Ian Goodrum, respectively.

Ellis as Ruben and Murla as Benny in Peter Straughan's Bones

In addition, I wrote an Honors Thesis that tied to the show, and, 100 odd pages and a defense later, my Thesis has been submitted with Honors!  So, I feel pretty good about the process all in all.

I have to say that one of the coolest parts of doing this show was being facebook friended by a young lady who will be performing as Beck in Great Britain.  That is cross-continental communication occuring there!  It just, blows the mind.

Powell as Beck and White as Moon in Peter Straughan's Bones

The final kicker for all of this hard work was the seven BOHICA awards that this show garnered.  BOHICAs are the W&M Theatre version of the Academy Awards, where our peers vote for our accolades.  Bones won, all in the Second Season category: Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ensemble, Best Lighting Design, Best Director, and Best Show.

That said, some thanks are in order.  The cast of this show was comprised of persons who were not only excellent actors, but who were great people with whom I would definitely work again at the drop of a hat.  Their talent and dedication made me look good, while I pretty much got to sit back and enjoy great theatre in the making day after day.  Furthermore, I have to thank my no less dedicated crew, whose long hours, gung-ho attitudes, and incredible expertise helped me make a visually awesome show.

Thank you all for helping me put on such a phenomenal senior directorial!

For those of you who were unable to see the show, check out this awesome video by Silk and Silver Productions!

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