Jellyfish and e-Book-ery

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So, the fun thing about publicizing my own show and book is what happens when I look at making an e-book…   ebook image     And what I’ve found from several sources is that you can make really interesting productions out of these things!  Now, I’m used to an ‘e-book’ being a digital rendition of  a book, but I was definitely wrong! “More Movie Than Book” In her 2011 article, “Are e-Books Any Good?” Lisa Guernsey discusses the impact of e-books on children’s learning, and while I ignored the quagmire of benefit versus bane to education, I just kept getting increasingly fascinated by the descriptions of what e-books could do! “huge, easily readable words, brilliant graphics, and an engaging recorded-voice narrator.” Uh. Please and thank you. I was already planning on making DVDs of my show.  I was also planning on publishing hard copies of my play.  But if I could make a published DVD-audio-book of my play?  How cool would that be?! Snap Back to Reality Now, the world premiere of The Immortal Jellyfish opens in just 7 days, so I have a lot of work on my plate already.  We’ve got lights, projections, sound, a set, some props, costumes, and actors to work with in our upcoming tech week.  Holy hannah. All that said, as appealing as an e-book is, I don’t think I’ll have it ready for the run of the show.  But something tells me that after show, after the DVDs are made and the scripts are delivered to Kickstarter backers, there may well be an e-book in the works. The Immortal Jellyfish will premiere Nov. 1 at 607 New York Ave NW, Washington DC at Fort Fringe – The Shop as part of the fallFRINGE.

New Project, New Theme

Theatrical Process

Looking forward to the Fringe again this year.  This time around, I will be trying a bold new experiment of doing producing work not just one, but two Fringe shows!  These shows include an award winning student play about magic in the Phillipines and a PBK scholar’s feminist take on Taming of the Shrew.  Both of these students, by the way, are either now in grad school or will be after this summer.

So, the big goal for this year’s Fringe (besides putting on two amazing, really sold out shows) is to help raise money for those who will in two year’s time find themselves up past their necks in debt.  However, we’re not just going to pass the tin cup around, no sir.  We’re going to entertain you.  Whereas last year’s Fringe plan was more or less all about our five fringe shows, this year’s plan revolves around that terrifying pile of debt waiting for me and my cohorts just a few years down the road.  As a theatre entrepreneur, I feel like… hrmmm… getting some funds ahead of time miiiight be a good idea.

We’re looking at  a summer that (hopefully) will be much more chock-full of entertainment goodies and opportunities to view these works in process, followed by discussion, drinks, and food.  And, once you’ve paid for the entertainment, and feel like we did a good job (or like we definitely need to go back to school), feel free to help us fund our educations.

This time, we’re getting greedy.  Hopefully it pays off – for you.

As we get closer to Fringe, this page will become more and more like the Santa’s Helper page from last summer, only with, you know, Two Shows instead of one.

This is going to be one crazy spring and summer.