Capital Fringe 2011

2011 Productions

Shrewing of the Tamed


Every Night I Die


“Every Night I Die is a beautifully woven tale that offers a small window into Filipino culture made easily accessible through Andrei’s writing. If you are in the mood for an eloquent tragedy that serves up expansive human emotions, this play is fitting.”

-Breena Siegel, DC Theatre Scene (4 out of 5 stars)

“It is a tragic tale that has a lot to say in the relationships of the Filipino society in which it takes place. Ultimately it transcends that society to all world societies, religions, and relationships. […] The show featured strong actors, namely Paolo Santayana as Angelo. His commanding stage presence carried the show, and his portrayal of Angelo was mature beyond his years. Regie Cabico and Don Michael Mendoza played well off of one another as the brothers and became characters that deserved the tragic sympathy of the audience even with their single-minded views.”

– Clara Ritger, Northern Virginia Magazine

“This staged version [of Shrewing of the Tamed] is filled with many beautiful moments filled with humanity that send us out satisfied. The wonder of the transformation comes across clear and loud. […]It’s resoundingly worth a go-and-see.”

-Rosalind Lacy, DC Theatre Scene

“…I was able to follow the story based on the physical acting which was  really expressive. The costumes inspired from commedia dell’arte and the set evoking a bar – were great.”

-Laura Fortin, MD Theatre Guide

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