Appy Polly Logies


I had a heck of weekend.  Many old friends were in town, it being homecoming weekend.  That combined with the first ticklings of a nasal cold made for a very consequence driven weekend.  Rather than stave off the cold and nip it in the bud, I of course, chose to live it up with old friends.  Colds will come and go, but old friends may not always be around.  So here it is Sunday and I have a terrible nasal cold.

The upshot if the cold is that I’m able to read Lawrence in Tennessee William’s short play I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix, with a great sense of the character.  I’m also able to enjoy my hot tea and canned soup.  Yay!

The weekend has been jam packed, and I should have some more interesting bloggage for y’all later tonight.  Stay healthy!

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