Responses to Inception


1) The Only Motion Picture I’ve seen where the ticket price is a discount.  See it if at all possible.

2) Every oscar => Inception.  It’s not a prediction, it’s a demand.

3)  This is what happens when you present this kind of movie to a punster.  I have begun imagining various spin-offs from this film.  They include:

a) A mind where security has discovered a method that is foolproof against inception.  Using specialized pills and rubbers, combined with continuous line and pattern dancing, this mind is a safe without a combination: inception is impossible here in the striking production of CONTRACEPTION.

b)  The porn version of Inception, featuring the bustiest women in the industry as dangerous, erotic agents in a story of betrayal:  DOUBLE D-CEPTION.

c) In the sequel to the fantastic film Inception, a cellphone based method of dream interface is created, and signal becomes all important in the art of idea implantation:  RECEPTION!

d) God sends a black ops angel to convince a young hebrew virgin that she herself intends to give birth to the messiah: THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION

e) A wealthy dance company (bwahahaha!)  hires a team of extractors to take on Andrew Lloyd Webber in order to create a musical based around the stories of felines:  PURR- CEPTION

f) A scrawny young man is convinced to become the world’s greatest body builder by a team of highly trained extractors in this coming of age story: BICEPTION

g)  The story of Mal and Cobb and their adventures before Inception: “PRECEPTION”

I hope you all enjoyed those as much as I did.  Or at least cringed.

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