Caffeine !!!


Scenario Caffenus

Okay, I must not have had caffeine in the longest time because Man! am I wired.

So, the girlfriend gets me a cuppa for this awesome ETC show we just watched together (my kids did such a great job!!!) and I’m just fine for the show.

Like alert, but not anything to write home about.

But then I go to rehearsal. And the jitters begin.

Caffeinitic Symptoms

It’s like I can feel the adrenaline rushing up and down the interior compartments that I once called my shoulders, pulsing through that ever-pumping muscle I call a heart, quickening and thundering as packs of wild blood cells rush panicking through my veins.

And over this, I’m trying new things at rehearsal, mixing up my stage business, and the caffeine adds that little extra wam!

So now I’m editing (well, right now I’m rendering, but as you can see, I generally only blog when I’m editing), and still the stuff is doing a jig.

No seriously, I had to go to the restroom a minute ago and wound up doing some kind of speedwalk jog around the foyer twice, both because I was mentally lost and because I just. couldn’t. stop. moving.

Caffeine by Anatomical Geography

It seems to live mostly in my biceps, of all places. but caffeine also enjoys touring through my pectorals and on occasion, the muscles on my back.
(Wow, Keegan, you should really look up what that’s called, on wikipedia.) (NO!)

From time to time, I can feel brave caffeine bits (molecules? particles? quarks?  caffeine doesn’t go that small… but you tell caffeine that!) venturing to the dangerous north, creeping in just behind the muscles of my eyes.  I do not know how many brave caffeine bits have died on this journey, but the glorious few who have been making it over the past five minutes will be legends in caffeine bit land. 

Caffeine by Traits

You would imagine that caffeine is a brown thing, but you’d be wrong.  In fact, caffeine is a mildly neon green.  I know this because that is the color of my emotion at the moment.  If ‘rush’ is an emotion.

Conclusion of Analysis!

Alright, rendering’s done. Video’s exported. Now to get into a car and drive home.

God help us all.


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