Getting a Chance to Do What You Love


A few thoughts I had from this weekend. Check it out on Avalanche Theatre Company’s website!

avalanche theatre company

My girlfriend and her mother were sitting shotgun and drivers’ seat, respectively.  The nighttime roads of the greater DC area were snaking by in their usual blur of grey and green, peppered with yield signs and do not enters and other signage rendered obsolete in the wake of DC’s vehicular bureaucracy.  I sat in the back, leaning forward, occasionally weighing in on the topic at hand.  You must understand, discussion with Mary and Joan is much like being a kernel in a popcorn bag, for the quips and the quotes pop up with such rapidity that to be a good kernel in the batch, one needs keep up.

We were discussing Mary’s latest vocal masterclass, which had been lovely for many reasons, chief among them one of the lessons taught by the visiting instructor.  The man’s name was James, the most accurate description for whom would be Donald Sutherland as…

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