Check out Jon Jon Johnson’s post on separating ‘acting’ from ‘real life.’ Spoiler: it’s not as easy as it seems.

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In today’s blog, I thought I would try to explain one of the most curious facets of being an actor: Transference.

I call it Transference, because I can’t really think of what else to call it.  Transference, in psychology, is the phenomenon wherein one redirects feelings and desires, especially of those unconsciously retained from childhood, toward a new object. Actor transference is slightly different.

As an art-form, Theatre is inundated in psychology. Unsurprisingly, too, as Theatre is an artistic study of people. Theatre artists dive into the minds of characters written on paper, wading through the various muck with only the clues of the script to give us hints. We muck about in this pool of clues, gently piecing together a coherent character. Directors, Actors, Props and Costume Designers tend to delve into this world in search of putting together a fully functional, three dimensional person. We have many tools…

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