Twitter’s Fear: The Room

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Tweetening, that is, a certain film.  Our Kickstarter Donors reached the $1000 hallmark a couple weeks past, and now everyone gets to reap the fruits of their labor.


The fruit in question is all of us at Avalanche live tweeting during a recording of ‘The Room’ tomorrow at 2.  If you’re at work, follow us along at  @ravenstreak (liz), @DCJonJon (Jon Jon), and Me, @Keeganmonstuh, and see if you can’t guess where we are in the movie.  If you’re not, (or if you’re just slacking by watching Horrendous Movies), then pop in your favorite (and hopefully ONLY) copy of ‘The Room’ and follow along with us, or heck, counter-tweet our tweets, as we livetweet the tweet out of this tweetable, tweetable movie.


Let’s tear Tommy Wiseau apart.

Like Lisa.

But with tweets.


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