Macbeth, Religion, and Pain


I’m playing a witch in Kathleen Akerley’s redux of Voodoo Macbeth.  Super stoked, the cast is all actors I know/ know of and highly respect, and the concept is really thrilling.  I’m honored just to be in the room.

Our big pitch for tonight started with the idea of creating a belief based on some parameters.  I chose my relationship to ‘what came before.’  And, as a philosophy hobbyist with friends of many faiths and lack thereof, I really enjoy the idea of pain as a basis for religion rather than a counterpoint to it.  So, I figured I’d make a belief based on pain.  

I figured, what if I am the pain of the thing that came before?  What if the ‘nothingness before everything’ felt that existence was a cancer – what if the void could feel and was being oppressed by existence?  This was kind of my starting ground.  One of the issues was that, whatever the relationship, we had to somehow glorify that ‘thing before’, etc, and create a method of worship.  So I had to simultaneously find a way to celebrate the thing I was, by existing, causing pain.  This lead to a huge philosophical game of point-counterpoint, of easily foreseeable schisms and sects within the belief, and… well, over all, I’m also a hobby gamer who plays Dark Eldar and Call of Cthulu, and really, it was a fun way to play off of those religious mechanics as well.


Image Yeah, they’re pretty well understood.

So. Yeah. Great first rehearsal.  Looking forward to the rest.

Overall it really reminded me of the excellent imersiveness of the artistic process, and why I am so stoked to be working with Avalanche Theatre this coming year.  To help us out, check out my donate! page, or just follow this link here:

2 thoughts on “Macbeth, Religion, and Pain

  1. You might like my short stories, I say might. Let me know. Noticed you play “call of cthulu”. My Dad used to play that when I was a kid. Where the hell do you get a copy?

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