General Updates


‘Keegan, we haven’t heard from you since Kickstarter! How HAVE you been?”


Here’s my current dish:
a) building fish heads and an anchor for Lopez Studio’s The Little Mermaid!
b) filming for ETC! I have a spring break camp coming up in just over a week & could use some more students…
c) Nabbing some props from the ever marvelous Tim Nielsen
d) Meeting with Avalanche today to go over next steps for Bid and Apotheosis
e) Rehearsing Voodoo Macbeth with the American Century Theatre – I’m a priest-witch! It’s going to be great & opens on the 22nd – so we’re going into Hell Week!
f) Meeting with Matt Norwood and Amanda Andrei – I’m filming her grad application video tomorrow (huzzah!)
g) oh right. grad school homework…
h) playwrighting!
i) time?

So yeah. Been a bit busy. The plate looks like I just visited Aditi over in KIngstowne for the lunch buffet…

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