Only $63 bucks short of an open comment Jellyfish doc!


Only $63 bucks short of $4k! Help us reach $4k today and we’ll make an open comment google doc of my play, Immortal Jellyfish!

Give or increase $5 to get a .pdf of the play!

Give or increase $10 to get a signed hard copy of the play!

Thank you all so much!

Less than two weeks left!

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And $6k to raise. $4k to match our Kickstarter goal. I think we can do it. I think you can do it. I believe in you.

We’ve raised nearly $3.4k so far. That’s enough to fund A Bid to Save the World, and bolster¬†Apotheosis, after online fees.

If we can match our Kickstarter goal, then Bid is funded, and both Apotheosis and Jellyfish get major boosts to their funding.

If we can meet our $10k goal in two weeks, then that’s $1k to Bid, $3k to apotheosis, and $3k to Jellyfish.

Our season will be fully funded by supporters like you. And most of that money will go right back to actors in the DC area.

So again, let’s look at $4k. For actors. For our season. For yourselves. Let’s do this.