So much for that plan


Well, when I said ‘daily posts,’  I had meant daily posts.

Anyway, I’ll be getting back on track this weekend.  Still have some lovely pages to write for some certain classes in which I may or may not have some overdue work.  Let the good times roll!

I’ll be working on getting ideas together for a daily superhero comic that I’ll start posting in a few months.  I’m kicking around ideas for some fun characters:

A metal suit powered hero with a sword that comes out of his helmet.

A superhero with ridiculously huge hands

The Uber Hero trapped in a block of concrete

Various Parody heroes, pun heroes, and spins on common super powers.

Now it’s back to music and theatrical studies!

School v. Evony, round 1.



So I had a lovely fall break.  And now there’s 9 plus pages of work I should have done.  And I owe the school money.  Stupid higher education.

That being said, what really irks me is that all this necessary work gets in the way of my very unnecessary playing of Evony. Stupid work.

While I’m on a rant, I will say that the dumbest thing in the world is an idle population of ~1200 and a building team that can only build one thing at a time.

Stupid peasants.