A Question of Details


Here’s the train of thought that came to mind recently:

“I want to work on initiatives within the theatre that encourage Green practices.”

“One such example would include using laminated bamboo in place of luon, for which the industry is using rainforest lumber.”

“Using laminated bamboo would require testing, mass production, and an owned site in order to match the lower costs of current alternatives.”

“If such a site was created and made commercially viable, then it would effect the luon trade.”

“If the luon trade were disrupted, would this help or hurt the rainforest?”

“How could one protect the rainforest?”

“Aren’t there miles of land protected around various Tourist locations around the world?  Doesn’t tourism help fuel the economies of many developing countries?”

“Who is one of the biggest international Tourist groups?”

“How can people get Disney and other Tourist groups interested in the Rainforest?”

“How can these Tourism sites keep people out of the protected rainforest while still encouraging visitors to the sites?”

“How can local workers and current economies be drawn away from the rainforest and into the tourism business and still maintina their local culture?”

“How can all of this use green principles to help reduce costs in the long term.”

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