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Hi world! Long time no post.  A while back, I promised images/daily webcomic.  I got meself a scanner! (woot).

Anyway, I have images.  they’re included in this post and up for review from you, the world (wide web).  These images are open content, just please cite me as the author.

Four figure studies in the comic hero tradition

Four figure studies counter clockwise: character with blades, spidey variant, lady martial artist, lady with blades

Suit in the Sun

An excerise in perspective, proportion, and figure.

To Freedom

A slave islander breaking free from his captors in the melodramatic adventure tale tradition, with a postcolonial twist

The figure group took about 5 minutes per figure (if that).

The suit took 10 minutes: circles, outlines, face, fingers, clothes, suitcase, heavier overlay lines.

The freedom image took about an hour, with the same process being used as the suit, but with more overlay and detailing.  I know this time more precisely because I spent a music ethnography class working on it.   Yeah… I don’t doodle when I doodle…

Questions/comments/ concerns? Let me know.

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