What I had expected:


what i found:


oh, this isn’t about me AT ALL.

– Harry Pinter

Because it’s not.  Which is what shocked me at first.  See, I had kind of thought with a name like that the site would be all about him.  BUT NO.

Instead, it’s all about being Interested in Pins.  (Not to mention mention Puns, but I have yet to find Pun-terest, though I must admit to having a case of Pun Terrets on occassion)

Moreover, it’s something to do when you’re Board.  Specifically, your board.  Pin things on it, things that you like.  And it requires pretty much NO READING.

Which is great, because most of us internet users don’t know how to read anyway.


Can’t read? 

Nope, Harold, not past 140 characters.


I know, Harold, it certainly gives one pause.

But really, even for all the Harold that Pinterest lacks, it has some very cool features.

I can

  • pin work form my blog and put it up on my boards, 
  • repin other inspirational works
  • make denominational boards for different image collections
  • even post my videos up there.

and you can see all that here.

…So yeah, I kinda sold out a bit:  Blatant self-aggrandizement.  But beyond that, really, Pinterest is pretty cool.  It’s great for mindless image-finding, or for mindful design work.  It’s easy to work with, easy to share, and it’s pretty fun, actually.




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