The How and the Why


Check out this post I’ve composed for Avalanche Theatre Company!

avalanche theatre company

Hey Folks!  Your friendly neighborhood Keegan here.  Figured you hadn’t heard from me yet, so I’d leave you guys with some thoughts on theatre, business, and amalgamations.


The first time I ever thought about doing theatre, I was six, maybe.  At that age, everything is about wonder and magic and imagination, and theatre heightens the world through all of those avenues.  I remember even now the moments I first shared in the theatrical experience.  I loved all of it, making and wearing costumes, painting and coloring, acting on the stage, writing.  It’s no wonder that I’m so scattered on my resume – there’s no one thing that I love more than anything else in the theatre.

In high school, I began to help run theatre programs, taking on more administrative roles than I had before.  It was here that I found that my penchant for business, which had heretofore…

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