10 Great Valentine’s Gifts that Don’t Require Jogging on Friday

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AAAAAAGGH! Balentine's Jay!

AAAAAAGGH! Balentine’s Jay!

“Oh god god it’s valentine’s day and I didn’t get myself or my significant other a gift!”



“Crap. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I don’t want to jog today off tomorrow. Because tomorrow is Friday.  That’s like, weekly Valentine’s day to myself.”

Life is like a box of these. Delicious, and CALORIC.Don't make your loved one/self do this.

Fear not!  Avalanche Theatre Company may have JUST the solution you need.  Like, 10 of them, for all budgets!

1) A Tweet about your loved one/ yourself.

Cost: $10.  Twitter Immortality: Check.

2) A glitzy letter full of sequins!

Cost: $20.  Sexy Letter to Self: Awesome.

3) A Handknit Scarf!

Cost: $50.  Take that, February.  However you pronounce yourself.  My scarf is handknit by the Liz Hansen.

4) An abstract painting.  

Cost: $50.   Nothing says ‘I love you and/or myself’  like abstract art by Liz Hansen.

5) A thirty second video      

Cost: $50.   Except making a monkey dance for all posterity.  Yours truly would be the monkey.

6) A digital image, done up by yours truly.

Cost: $50.   I’m a very good artist.

7) A Poem!

Cost: $50.  Don’t write yourself/ loved one a poem this year.  Let Jon Jon do it.

8) A Short Story!      

Cost: $50.  Genius!  You get to be the 1% inspiration while Jon Jon is the 99% perspiration!

9) Tickets for two!  

Cost: $100.  It’s a date!  To any of our shows.  Or heck, take yourself out to two of them.

10) VIP Passes        

Cost: $500.  You make it rain, Valentine style.  Impress that significant other of yours.  And/or yourself.

Plus, they all help support an awesome new theatre company.  And look at that, none of these require you to jog on Friday.  Treat Yourself Here.

Rumble Rumble.


Avalanche Theatre $2000 Challenge


Okay. You got me, internet people. I posted a $1000 fundraiser challenge for THIS WEEK at 5am this morning, and now we’re $57 bucks short of that goal. Fine. FIIINE.

I now throw down the gauntlet of a $2000 fundraising challenge by the end of the week. That’s 1/4 of the way through our Kickstarter goal, and 1/5 of the way through our overall reach goal.

What is Living Without…

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Avalanche Theatre Company has just posted their upcoming season!  Check out the info on my theatre company!

What is Living Without….


As always, thanks for reading.


Joy – a review by Jon Jon Johnson

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Check out Jon Jon Johnson’s take on Joy and the theatre.  He’s working on Six Characters in Search of an Author right now over at WSC Avant Bard, and his post is a pretty cool reminder of something that working actors can forget pretty easily.



…And I’m Founding a Theatre Company.

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Are you ready to rumble?

as subtle as

an avalanche. serene. majestic. cataclysmic.

I am helping Liz Hansen and Jon Jon Johnson found Avalanche Theatre Company.

Who is Avalanche?

If you’re a DC fringe goer, you might recall a couple of shows; Sarah Kane’s Crave in the 2011 festival, and Despertar in the 2012 festival.  Having done two years of fringing, Avalanche’s creative team was ready to make the jump to a full fledged company, and brought me on.

Why Avalanche?

The company catchphrases is ‘as subtle as,’ which I find fits my personality.  I’ve always wanted to ‘one day’ have a theatre company, and so, when Jon Jon and Liz asked if I would be interested in co-directing their company, it struck me as an excellent opportunity.

An avalanche striking

How an avalanche strikes.

Why Run Your Own Company?

There are many reasons to run one’s own company, many good, many bad.  Many folks do it so they can select their seasons, which I think is one of the primary (and most legitimate) reasons for founding a theatre company.  It’s a chance for people like me to use all their skill sets at once, rather than work as a token skill set for another company.  For me, it’s a chance to create art in a dynamic, fresh environment with a supportive team.  It’s also a chance to continue developing my theatre admin skills while at the same time getting to flex my creative muscles.

We had our first official meeting as a board yesterday, and we’ve got a slew of exciting plans coming up.  I won’t say what they are just yet, but… you should be excited.  I know I am.

How Do I Find Out More?

A good question, faithful reader, and one that I am prepared to provide links for:

The company website is:


We’re also on facebook and twitter.  Check it out!

Ecce Trailer Up!

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Hello loyal fans,


FINALLY!  This is up and running on the youtubes.  You may remember me blogging about it here and here.


Let me know your thoughts on the video, and of course, come see Ecce!  It opens this Thursday night at 8:00pm, and I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty great.


Again, thanks for reading.



The Bear Trap, a pleasant DC comedie

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So today I helped out with a performance in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Now, Maryland is a curious state.  Of all the states, it has arguably the best credentials, as every city and town is a licensed MD.


Annapolis, circa 1980

After doctoring up a post like that that, I must say that Maryland is, in fact, a very merry land: decent roads, decent theaters, decent food, flipping awesome houses.  Which is something.

The problem that I have with this magical, merry land of mirth and medical mastery is that lies smack dab on the opposite side of the bear trap.

I found myself realizing this tonight on my way to and from that magical land.  As I said, I was working on a show in Hyattsville, Maryland (which, being a show, none of us were really being paid and were doing because, truly, there is no thing in life greater than the stage), and I found myself wandering like Odysseus.

The trouble began when I picked up one of my actors at 5:15 from his work in Tysons’.  We intended to arrive in Hyattsville by 6, (or 15 after six), which didn’t seem like a bad approximation.

Until the bear trap sprung.

“The bear trap?”  you ask, “I’ve never heard of the bear trap.  Is it like the Mouse Trap for Americans?”

Sadly, I shake my head, “no.  It is not a thriller.  It is not even a mystery.”  It is fact, plain and obvious.

“The bear trap, ” I explain, ” Is the thing that encircles the DC metro area, and it is composed of the following parts, which will be interrupted by a picture before this post gets too text heavy.”


 A Bear Trap

Now, above you is a bear trap.  This device, according to wikipedia (the professor you can always trust to be at his office hours), is

“made up of two jaws, one or two springs, and a trigger in the middle … When the animal steps on the trigger the trap closes around the foot, preventing the animal from escaping.”

 Now, as seen in the upsconded image above, a bear trap has a central section that runs from the trigger to the jaws.

The Bear Trap is composed of the following parts:  495, 395, and 66.  Those who know it might well agree, the shape is similar, the purpose proportionate, and just as dark.   The outer loop and inner loop are the dual jaws of the trap, and 66 is the spring container leading to the trigger.

The trigger itself is a deadly combination of construction and rush hour, so that no matter what time of day, the trap is active.

Wikipedia states that

Usually some kind of lure is used to position the animal, or the trap is set on an animal trail.  Traditionally, these traps had tightly closing jaws to make sure the animal stayed in place.

Thanks, Professor.

As we can see, the beltways and the 66 have the exact same intention: to make sure the animal stays in place.  They are all placed on vital trails with a very tempting lure – the honey-sweet city of washington DC.

In my case, it keeps being the lure of theatre in Maryland.

Whatever the lure, the trap is ready to spring, and spring it did.  The climax of my melville-esque whale-of-a-dictionary-containing-tale is this:

3 Hours

Spent in traffic.  Sitting.  Planning on removing my license plates, registration info, keys, and just leaving the darned car and walking.

see, the Bear Trap isn’t about killing the beast (or car).  No, it’s just about immobilizing it.  When you see the poor beast stuck as it is, you’ll probably do the rest.

Never forget the Bear Trap.