I’m Writing A Book.


No, like really, I’ve decided I am now writing a book. It’s already two chapters in, I have the thing outlined to the end, I’ve made up the myths and the characters and the arcs and crap yeah I’m going to write it.

Now, I don’t promise I’m getting done any time soon (grad school says: No!). But I’m going to do it. Maybe over the next year. Maybe over the next two years. But I’m doing it. Because it’s what I do whenever I have a downsecond, so, yeah. Might as well make those little moments of scribbling into something bigger, I think.

Anyway, to accompany my progress, I’ve made a blog for it. If you wanna follow me as I trudge through the mire of actually making something creative and real, feel free.


Atheist’s Paradise


Hey all! So I’m working on this show,

and I’ve got a view things to share with you, namely video content

(huzzah! video content! put ‘er there, keegan!)

yeah, guys, I would, but… not a video content site yet. I’m so cheap! so, for now, we have links:

Interview with Megan Behm, director:

Interview with Bill Goodman, Playwright:

Talkback footage from our second draft:

if you like what you see, follow these guys on @universeplayers and at edge of the universe players 2 on facebook!