Theatre Business

Well, world my website looks that much better now thanks to me being able to embed video!

for example,

So.  Check out my film works page – I’ve got all kinds of great footage up from WSC avant bard and Educational Theatre Company and Avalanche!

Thanks again for reading!


Atheist’s Paradise


Hey all! So I’m working on this show,

and I’ve got a view things to share with you, namely video content

(huzzah! video content! put ‘er there, keegan!)

yeah, guys, I would, but… not a video content site yet. I’m so cheap! so, for now, we have links:

Interview with Megan Behm, director:

Interview with Bill Goodman, Playwright:

Talkback footage from our second draft:

if you like what you see, follow these guys on @universeplayers and at edge of the universe players 2 on facebook!

Loving Me Some Robyn


My marvelous GF introduced me to this awesome song.  Six months after, still jammin’ to it.  Though I love this song, I won’t be doing this anytime soon:

Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend

Heartache. Betrayal.  Loss.  Awkwardness.  Sick jams with slammin’ moves.

You go, girl.  You go.

Keep jammin’, all.


Updated Film Work and Links


For the past year, I’ve been working on Film projects, getting used to shooting and editing.  However, I haven’t made this part of the site easy to access yet: shouldn’t be a problem, as I don’t get too many readers, but for the odd ducks who stumble upon this site, I figure I’d make this section a bit easier on you.    I’ve updated and linked to video, so this part of the sight should flow easier now.

Go ahead and check out my updated Film Works section!

Still holding off on the videopress purchase; I need to get more regular media content on here already (I mean, what else are t2i’s for, anyway?)

We Call them Moving Images


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog as a Fringe Producer.  Mea culpa.  One big reason is that I’ve been working with WSC avant bard for the past few months on a new project: video.


Avant bard is a great company; they take classic works and add a new spin.  They’re Arlington- based, and for a DC theatre company in the 20-year-old range, they’re more vibrant and edgy than their peers.  I actually got involved thanks to Tom Mallan, who I met through the Education Theatre Company, another great organization to whom I often recommend my fellow actors (and for whom I am also working on video).

When Tom interview me to work for ETC, I mentioned that I was interested in taking theatre and making the process more public, and he expressed interest in my business ideas.  

The pages fly off the calendar, and we cut to work on a ETC film camp, where work is winding down, and Tom approaches me about his own adaptation of Henry I(V), parts 1 and 2, at WSC.


The project is some ‘behind-the-scenes’ work, and fortunately, he has some equipment I can use, to take my idea of highlighting the theatre process and make it happen.



cut to the Artisphere two months later, and I’m working with KJ Fisher (WSC’s brilliant Managing Director), planning out a new series of videos for something called ‘Les Justes.’


Both the show and my videos have a very different feel from the Henry show:


The weeks turn to months, and another show is up.  


I’ve frantically run from arlington to fairfax, working on borrowed equipment and time, and producing, despite it all, products that real people are publishing on the internet.

I’ve gotten my own camera (a rebel t2i) and started saving up for an imac.  And here we are on two more shows, The Tooth of Crime and The Bacchae, in rep at WSC.

It’s been quite the learning experience so far, with equal portions of trial (read: technological issues) and tribulations.  I owe a lot of thanks to a lot of people, not least of which are Tom and KJ, but Connor Hogan as well.

Here’s my latest vid.  Hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts.  I’ll be checking in more often: I promise.